DSO ERP Retail A&F is designed to be used by retailers selling all kinds of apparels, ready-made garments, footwear, sportswear etc.


  • It is a complete retail solution taking care of all major functions of the retail business
  • It is seamlessly integrated with a robust back office system of finance, payroll, fixed assets etc.

Manage Better :-

DSO ERP Retail A&F is designed to help you run your business better.

  • Management of products with attributes like brand, style, class, size set, colours, fabric etc
  • Identify and track every item of inventory from purchase to sale
  • Grid View to enable quick data entry for combinations of colours and sizes
  • The ability to set size-wise prices
  • The ability to set prices based on margin
  • All the above together ensure that the special requirements of the apparel and footwear business are taken care of completely by the software.

    Colour-Size Grid

    Unique Colour-Size Grid is a great tool for quick and easy data entry while purchasing or sales, for products with different styles, colours and sizes which is so critical to the apparel and footwear industry.

    • Maintain different size sets of products
    • Classification and auto-tagging of products during purchases with style, colours, sizes, prices, additional info etc
    • Fix MRP based on desired margins on purchase price
    • Define colour-wise, size-wise prices

    Item movement history

    Get instant information for each Item about:

    • Bought from whom with details (invoice no, date, price, discount etc)
    • Sold to whom (invoice no, date, price, discount etc)
    • When returned (invoice no, date, price, discount etc)
    • When re-sold (invoice no, date, price, discount etc)
    • When transferred to branches, etc

    Sales Analysis

    Understand what sells and how much. Analyse sales in multiple ways like:

    • Item and Supplier
    • Item and Brand
    • Item and Style
    • Item and Colour
    • Item and Size
    • Branch

    Reduce inventory costs

    Inventory is the biggest cost for a retailer. Manage inventories efficiently and reduce costs. DSO helps you:

    • Slow Moving analysis helps you avoid over-ordering
    • Dead Stocks analysis helps you plan for promotions, reduce inventory and free up shelf space
    • Stock Ageing helps understand movement of all inventory items
    • Instantly move stock available in one store to another which has no stock
    • Plan purchases based on re-order levels
    • Periodic stock-taking and audits help control pilferages and losses Know total investment in stocks with Stock Valuation (on Weighted Average, FIFO, LIFO) – in one store or all stores.

    Product Classification

    DSO ERP Retail helps you classify products on the basis of:

    • Brand
    • Class
    • Style
    • Season
    • Size Set
    • Sizes
    • Serial Numbers
    • User-Defined Parameters
    • Batches

    Bulk Purchase

    DSO ERP Retail A&F enables retailers to purchase products in bulk and specify, in a Grid view, the various product attributes for each item, like, brand, class, style, season, size set, sizes etc. You may also specify serial numbers for individual items, if desired.

    Sale Price Fixation

    With DSO ERP Retail A&F, you may also specify expected margins and arrive at the sale price to be charged for individual classes of products. Prices may also be set size wise.

    Discounts & Commissions

    DSO ERP Retail A&F enables you to specify discounts to be offered on sales of individual items purchased. You may also specify commissions payable on sale to salesmen based on quantity etc.


    POS Billing:-

    DSO ERP Retail has many exciting POS billing features such as:

    • Barcode enabled POS billing screens
    • Fully keyboard enabled and customizable by the user
    • Billing with or without barcodes
    • Billing on all kinds of paper – plain or printed, cut or rolls
    • Bills can be printed on all types of printers – laser, DeskJet, dot matrix, thermal etc.
    • Collection can be made in cash, cheque, credit and debit cards, gift cards and coupons – in multiple currencies at the same time
    • Integration with card swipe machines
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    Barcode and Labels:-

    DSO ERP Retail can generate barcodes for products, tag them and print them. Barcode interpretation helps intelligent understanding of the barcodes. You can configure picking of products in transactions based on product’s code, size, brand, colour etc. You can fix number of characters for each attribute. For example, a product’s barcode containing product code, size and colour with 4, 3 and 2 characters respectively. Our barcode interpreter intelligently picks the right product with size and colour when scanned in transactions. The Label Designer enables you to design labels, include fields like product, batch, product code, bar code etc. and print them on label stationery, adhesive sheets or plain paper on laser or barcode printers.
    You can even print barcodes for products in bulk and tag them to products. The DSO barcode designer lets you to design barcodes by parameters such as code, size, colour, price etc. and save them for future use. You can call the saved design in transactions and reports to print in bulk. For example, you may want to print barcodes of all the stock that you receive.



    DSO ERP Retail offers the most complete inventory management in its class. It covers infinite number of products with detailed master information, grouped and classified in tree form, based on product attributes. The software also enables you to:

    • Classify products with attributes like brand, style, class, size set, colours, fabric etc.
    • Attach product images and use them in billing
    • Assign optional product codes based on product attributes like colours, sizes etc.
    • Enable auto SKU generation based on product attributes
    • Define product batches – assign manufacturing and expiry dates, and batch-wise prices
    • Use multiple units of measure and conversion factors – purchase and sell in numbers, packs, kilos, litres etc.
    • Maintain inventory across multiple locations
    • Record excesses & shortages
    • Manage reorders, valuations etc.
    • Print Product Catalogue with comprehensive information about all products
    • Inventory Trend Analysis
    • Inventory Transaction Analysis


    DSO ERP Retail facilitates easy physical stock taking, with automatic adjustment of shortages and excesses.



    Manage the complete purchase flow:

    • Ordering
    • Receipts
    • Invoicing
    • Returns, etc.
    • Full multi-currency enabled

    Product last purchase history helps better understanding on price fluctuations by date and supplier.

    Price List:-

    With DSO ERP Retail, you can generate a variety of price lists such as:

    • Grouped Price Lists
    • Multiple Price Lists attached to Groups
    • Branch-wise Price Lists
    • Customer-wise Price Lists

    You can also assign price lists to products, generate price lists by formulae – based on cost price, list price, standard sales price etc. and make bulk changes. Prices can be defined on landed cost, MRP (Maximum Recommended Price), existing sale price, marking up, marking down or margin percentage – and can be applied to all or some products.

    Minimise workload, reduce errors by managing centralised distribution to multiple stores or godowns with reference to a purchase invoice.


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