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DSO ERP FMCG & Packaged Goods is designed to take care of the special requirements of the FMCG and Packaged Goods business manufacturers, traders, distributors, sub-distributors, C&F Agents etc. It is the only software tailored for the business and offers tremendous value to users.

Tailor Made For FMCG and Packaged Goods business


DSO ERP facilitates efficient billing with or without barcodes, on all kinds of paper and printers. Bills can be generated on standard or user-defined templates by codes or description in multiple units of measurement, multiple price lists etc. Sales Invoices, Returns, Memorandum Sales, Damaged and Destroyed Goods Sales, Calls Made, Off take Entries etc. can also be generated.


DSO ERP lets you to manage your purchase flow efficiently. You can monitor all your purchase activities with various transactions and reports and get a complete analysis.


DSO ERP lets you to manage your sales flow efficiently. You can monitor all your sales activities with various transactions and reports and get a complete analysis.

Bespoke Business Management Software

Bespoke Inventory Management

The most complete inventory management in its class, DSO ERP helps you manage an unlimited number of products with detailed master information grouped and classified in tree form by Brands, Categories etc. You can either attach product images to masters and use them for deliveries, billing etc. or use product codes. Auto SKU Generation based on product attributes like colour, batches, manufacturing date, expiry date and size are also possible. The software also takes care of multiple units of measure including conversion factors – kilos, litres etc. and multiple locations of inventory and retailing such as warehouses, godowns and outlets. Product and batch transfers, excesses and shortages, damaged stock management, reorder management and valuation are a few of the many breakthrough features.


Most frequent questions and answers
  • Multiple Businesses and Principals
  • Multiple units of stock handling
  • Multiple companies
  • Promo Schemes, Display Schemes, Coupon Schemes
  • Routes/Beats for billing, collection, dispatches etc.
  • Load Charts with Delivery Instructions
  • Van Sales/Ready Stock
  • Salesmen Productivity
  • Sales Analysis including coverage, distribution width & effective coverage
  • Retail Performance
  • Offtake Reporting
  • Sales Monitoring
  • Reports
  • Sales
  • Category Penetration
  • Reports Targets Vs Achievements
  • Online or Offline billing simultaneously
  • Last Year Current Year
  • Comparison Reports
  • Tracking Competitors’ Activities, and more
  • Easily consolidate data of all stores and warehouses over the internet
  • Get company-wide reports of all functions
  • Standardize and maintain single inventory, customer, supplier and price lists across all stores
  • Configure and manage the software centrally
  • Find out cash balances and stock of each product of each store, instantly
  • Avoid product stock-outs when stock exists in other stores
  • Control prices charged and discounts offered by stores
  • Item order in a store and deliver from another, without communication
  • View customer balance in all branches. Adjust debit balance in one branch against credit balance in another
    And more
  • Wings can also be setup as an offline system with automatic synchronisation of data with all locations periodically.
  • DSO ERP provides complete support for VAT,GST Reports ,Sales Tax, Excise Invoice, Registers (RG23x) etc. Supports exclusive and inclusive VAT. Reports can be generated for each tax, statutory returns, VAT returns etc.
  • DSO ERP has many useful reports that provide deep insight about your business. Extensive Sales Analysis gives you a insight into your sales in every possible manner and helps you analyze your sales based on any criteria you choose. Extensive Inventory Reports give you an insight into your stocks, stock movements, differences, ageing, valuation etc. in great detail. Reports are fast, and can be exported to MS Excel, as PDF files and can be emailed.

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