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Welcome to DSO Software Pvt Ltd, your growth partner in the restaurant and hotel industry. Since 2016, we have been committed to simplifying operations and optimizing revenues for our customers worldwide. With a growing family of 6000+ satisfied clients, our restaurant and hotels. POS Billing Software services have become synonymous with reliability and efficiency. From robust features to seamless integration, our software is designed to adapt to your unique business needs. Embrace a future of enhanced productivity and customer satisfaction as we work together to create success stories in the world of hospitality. Join us and experience the DSO  difference – where your success is our passion. 

Value Focused

We consistently look for innovative ways to deliver more flexible, robust and effective solutions. It’s our fierce determination and zeal for improvement that drives us forward.


Innovation is the nucleus of Successive. We value out-of-the-box thinking, the passion for solving complex problems and strive to deliver robustness & excellence in everything we do.


Integrity is the foundation of everything we do. We cultivate a creative mindset that inspires one another to foster accountability and celebrate forward-thinking.


We embrace change and adaptability to the core. Our super-fast & resilient decision-making skills help address business challenges and explore new digital possibilities.

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About Us - POS (Point Of Sale) Billing Software

POS (Point of Sale) Billing Software is a computer application designed to handle and streamline the billing and payment processing at retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses where transactions occur. It serves as a central system where customers can make purchases, and the software calculates the total bill, processes various payment methods, and generates receipts.

India’s no. 1 Restaurant and Hotel Billing Software Provider

DSO Software Pvt Ltd. offer comprehensive solutions for both restaurant and hotel billing. These providers cater to the unique needs of the hospitality industry by integrating point-of-sale (POS) systems for restaurants and property management systems (PMS) for hotels.

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